Need of the Hour - Digital Health Platform

The smartest way to keep your workplace safe while tracking and monitoring the health status and wellness of your staff and visitors.

Online Meditation

Bring the Workforce Back to Workplace

40% of staff's absence has always been due to minor illnesses & COVID-19 has increased this sickness absenteeism even more, impacting productivity adversely.

Use our innovative solution to build trust & confidence in employees to return to work.


Interactive Management Dashboard

An easy to use, interactive display of the most important indicators of health status in real-time.  The data shown is based on the access level of the logged-in user in the organization.

Personal Health Dashboard

Makes all your health information available at anytime, from anywhere, organized in the form of multiple unique cards. This helps in keeping track of changes in health status at all times.

Financial Report

Easy-to-Read Reports

View the results of the Health Risk
Assessments, Score and historical trends, with the ability to safely and securely download electronic health records. This allows you to help prepare for every doctor’s visit.

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…The science behind your algorithm helped us filter your product from various other products which has currently flooded the market.

… Your agility in understanding our specific requirements and customizing your tool to cater to them was truly a delight …..

J J DOMINIC, Head - Security & Administration, TITAN

How Do We Keep Your Employees Happy? 

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Recommend Appropriate Actions

Hour Glass

Helps Save Time & Money 

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Makes Information Accessible 

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Keeps Up-to-Date Information 

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Simple


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