Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a great new approach & framework, to transform the way in which we create products, services and strategy, and also how teams work together & how entire corporations operate.

1-day Introduction workshop

- Fast paced, interactive full day workshop

- Exposure to tools such as 1-on-1 interviewing, personas, and prototyping techniques

2-days Foundation workshop

- In addition to 1-day introduction course

- Detailed interaction with customers for understanding the pain points

3/5 days Application workshop

- In addition to 2-day foundation course

- Iterations with customers and end users to validate the understanding

- Multiple prototypes & feedback sessions

- Action planning to create MVP

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is for companies who want to work better with digital technologies & who need direction to focus their energy.

1-day Foundation workshop

- Fast paced, interactive full day workshop

- Understand Digitization, Digitalization and

Digital Transformation

- Best practices & how to implement them

3/5 days Application workshop

- In addition to 1-day foundation course

- Explore different Maturity models and characteristics

- Identify solutions based on the impact and


- Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy

Innovation Management

We bring together best practices & tools in the field of ideation & product development, in the form of a innovation management.

We guide organizations through workshops to build innovation and creativity culture and capability within the organization.

1-day Foundation workshop

- Understand Innovation through inspiration

- Learn about new trends in the related industry

- Formulate Innovation strategy and framework using Design Thinking methodology

2/3 days Application workshop

- In addition to 1-day foundation workshop

- Brainstorm to generate non-obvious ideas

- Create business case and investment pitches

Patent Mining

Even though importance of Intellectual Property Rights is well understood, still many companies do not care enough. It is a risk that, whenever an employee exits company, s/he can carry out the unwanted transfer of know-how and value of the technology to the competition.

We can help you identify and protect all such knowledge & avoid the risk of other companies using them. Using Patent Mining workshops, we could generate significant number of IPR assets and also increase the satisfaction level of employees and working atmosphere.

Market Research

We provide customized Market Research to get Insights of your Consumers, Products, Channels, Industry & Competitors. Our experts understand your requirements and design research surveys, for collecting high quality data both online and personally.

We use state-of-the-art data visualization and analysis and tools for generating insights and presentation to help your business.

Career Guidance

We run programs focused on understanding an individual’s career aspirations and defining path towards achieving them. It involves understanding of Personality, Interests and Abilities. In addition, we also understand the knowledge areas and the priorities of the person towards work & the values that the person believes in.

We have certified & trained senior professionals, providing career guidance and planning services to professionals and students.